Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Keeping Calm and Felting Eggs....

I thought the title of this post to be rather funny:) I decided to do a little "eggs-periment"  today  with wooden eggs and wool roving. Last year I wasn't happy with the way they turned out with plastic eggs. I think it was the tape I used to hold them together or something.

I used smaller wooden eggs. That way I could see if it would work or not. It did! I'm pretty happy with the results so far.  

As I was felting, Lily akked if she could color.  When I looked at what  she was coloring and the story she was telling me about her artwork my jaw dropped!
This first one is (in Lily's words) a rainbow cave!

This picture is (in her words as well) Balloons! I haven't started to restrict her to just the 3 primary colored block crayons yet because I didn't want to start that to early, But with this, I know she's ready. I cannot believe it! Waldorf really DOES WORK!

I also found this beautiful rock on my nightstand yesterday morning. Tory found the rock on a hike this weekend. She's so thoughtful! 


  1. Love the colours of the wool!
    And a rainbow cave...isn't that marvelous :D?

  2. I love your little eggs!
    Are you going to frame the drawings?! I have scanned my children's favourite artwork pieces and printed them on to greeting cards. It a fun way to show off your children's talents! ;o)
    Have a wonderful weekend, thanks for sharing your ideas on Sharing Creative Ideas!
    ~ joey ~