Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gratitude Sunday...

Today we took some colorful corn off the cob for a future crafting project. I am not sure how we are going to use it yet.

I love the colors.

Giving Daddy so "coffee."

Preparing a healthy snack.

Coffee and cereal!

Doesn't this acorn "cereal" look delish? I think so!
At least someone had a way to put that corn to good use! 

Today , I am simply thankful for my children. I am so happy that I get to see them grow and thrive. To laugh and smile. My children are the reason I get up every morning and the reason I collapse on my pillow each night! :) Please visit for more Sunday inspiration!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

3 Times 'Round The Sun.....

The Birthday Girl got to open her prezzies first thing in the morning. We always do it that way. There is no sense in waiting all day. :)

Her Birthday Crown was off in about a minute. She said it was too scratchy.

The first thing she chose to open was the gift form her sister.

I think "Phoebe's Sweater" was the perfect book for her. The knitting projects in the back will be great gifts to knit her for  Christmas. I have "Phoebe's Birthday" on order for her Sister's birthday.

We've chosen to be paper free and wrap our gifts up in muslin or cotton bags. 

She opened the sweater vest I made for her. She put it on right away.

Sweet, sleepy, happy, little angel!

I could not bake her cake without her help! 

She did such a lovely job of mixing and "tasting" the batter (it was egg free).

It may have been a bit over mixed buy eh, who cares! Cake is cake right? And it's even better when you have special help.

Oh! Look at her shining face! She loves to help in the kitchen.

We made an applesauce molasses spice cake. We forgot to add the fresh ginger.

It smelled divine. Every year for her birthday, we bake a spice cake. It's her favorite and it's just right for the changing season. The smell of the baking cake filled our home with the smell of Autumn!

We love this stuff!

She got a " Magical Purple Lavender Scented Birthday Bath."

Trying out the new play silks.

They had fun!

She ran around in the fresh air.

She made sand castles. 

She got dirty!

We made apple vases for her to admire at the dinner table.

She picked a few flowers.

She got all her candles blown out with one breath!

She devoured her cupcake.

It was a very good cake. The carrot curls went perfectly. It was a full day of laughing and playing and just enjoying the important things, with the most important people. It was a good day! Happy Birthday  my sweet, sweet girl! I am so thankful that you are mine! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Birthday Gift for Little Sis...

I was so excited when we found this at the toy shop this afternoon. I knew it was just perfect for Tory to give Lily for her birthday. Tory approved. I know it's still a bit to old for her yet but she will love the imaginative illustrations in the book!!!

Creative Friday...

Play silks are ready to be gifted to my dear Lil' tomorrow for her 3rd time around the sun.

I like them, although the colors are a bit bright. I found some very beautiful ones  hand dyed ones but I just had this dye and decided to use it. The next ones I make will be dyed only from plants. 

One for the sun and one for the moon.

Birthday crown in progress...

I am going to knit a band for the back so that it can be worn. I had better stop blogging and get to work! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

{Yarn Along} and {WIP Wednesday}

Working on a simple doll dress.

Lil's birthday doll.

Hand dyed doll hair.

Dragon Cookies (buttons)

In preparation for our Michaelmas nature table...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Moments From My Busy Week...

The beginnings of a tiny doll sweater for the doll I am making Lily for her birthday (more on that in a later post).
I'm using leftover yarn!

Lately I have really been liking the look of a crocheted border on my knitting projects.

Dying yarn for the doll. She will be fair haired.

Dying play silks for Lily's birthday next Saturday.

I had a request to make peanut butter and jelly (in tiny jars for tiny hands).

Crocheted gnome hat. I think it looks a bit like a pine cone.

Preparing to make apple "everything!"

A bit of snuggling and many colorful stories. 
New bedroom furniture!