Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gnome Sweet Home!

Far away, nestled under a happy old oak tree, there lived a family of gnomes........ (:

Papa Gnome built the house with his bare hands. He made sure the home had everything that a family of gnomes would need. A pail for pulling up to the 2nd floor and lowering back down.

A place to sleep, a lookout, and a pinwheel to catch the wind.

A comfy place to sit and enjoy a acorn muffin and a hot cup af lavender tea.

A little stove complete with pots and pans and a mop to tidy up.

A stair to get to bed when the sun turns red and sets below the mountains, 
Finally finished and ready to be gifted to my niece. I don't have time to take it out side to photograph because the party is in an hour!!! Lets hope she likes it. What do you think? Would you like this if you were a young child?


  1. Wow! what a great job you've done! I hope your neice loved it!

  2. awesome! I really need to make a gnome home before my kiddies get too big!! xo maureen

  3. What a fun gnome home, I love all the different parts as well as the colors. What a great gift! :)

  4. That's beautiful. I'm sure your children love the little home. : )

  5. Would I ever - and that precisely why its on my list to make for my little one for either this Christmas or her 4th birthday. Yours is stunning I love the colour and the feel of whimsy

    1. It's a piece of cake! And I don't think you can mess one up.

  6. So happy to have found your blog via the Magic Onions link up. Super cute gnome themed post! just love gnomes :-) Katie from Brighton Park

  7. I am happy to have found this blog. It's spring here and I am heading out to start gathering things to make a "garden" before my grandchildren arrive next month.