Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rainy Day

     Rainy day today. It's so hard to focus on your work when you just want to go outside and play! I am looking forward to the wet weekend we're supposed to have. We really need the rain here to green up the grass a bit. I love the smell of the air when it rains. It reminds me of when I was a child. We lived in Washington then. I would climb up into a secure branch in our apple tree with a book and stay there all day. Loosing myself in the pages as I would nibble on the tart fruit. I miss that place. It was a magical place. Moss grew on everything, slugs and snails would climb all over, and there was so very much green! Everything was green. There truly is nothing like living in a fairy forest! To this day I swear the Bigfoot I saw is real. We have magic here too. It's just a little dryer. And a lot windier. I like to think the wind is my mother blowing me kisses. That is her was of greeting me from whatever beautiful place she is now.  Today I didn't make anything. I haven't had a day go by since she died that I didn't make something. Maybe another step up in this process called grief.

    This afternoon, I brought our playstands out into the living room so that Tory and Lily could use it to build their wolf den. I'm so excited to finally see them coming up with these things on their own. It took a while for them to figure out why all the old mainstream toys were being replaced with branch blocks and wooden drawer handles.  Now their imaginations are starting to bloom like the coming of spring and it gives me great joy to watch them play. To watch them solve their own problems. Instead of "Mama, what can we use for mashed potatoes in our kitchen?" to "Look at the park we built for our gnomes!" They've started to realize how a stick can become a sword or a staff or a gnome bridge! Or how a handful of green roving can become grass. Rocks are a favorite in our home. Rocks make great money, play food, magic gems, or (for me) doorstops! I've even heard of people using them for doorknobs. I find it amusing when a friend or family member makes a comment about the ever growing pile of wood in my storage closet. Found branches and stumps or bark and sticks. The children love collecting all these things on our walks and trips to the park. Daddy has been taking them out and gathering fallen bits too. And flowers for Mama of course. It brings such a smile to see the pride in their eyes as they hand me a bushel of freshly dandelions. My favorite. With the exception of the sunflower. What's your favorite flower and why? 

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