Sunday, September 16, 2012

Striped Blanket....

I mentioned that I had been working on a special project for someone and I got it done today in the nick of time!!!
I used Cascade Super Wash 100% wool in these two colors.

I thought they were just right for a new little boy. The camera really never captures the color just right though.

I worked on this blanket tirelessly for two weeks. I took it wherever I went except for work :)

I wasn't able to block it before I gave it as a gift but I'm sure  it will be even nicer after a few washes. I knit on straight needles with this one. NOT my favorite way to knit but I'd lent my sister a pair of circulars as I'm now teaching her to knit. She is expecting as well!!! I love when there is a new baby around. 
I did a simple crocheted edge. I love the wavy look it gives. I  hope it was well received because it was a lot of work! And I enjoyed every minute of it. Blessings to the new baby and Mama! 

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