Friday, September 28, 2012

Creative Friday...

Play silks are ready to be gifted to my dear Lil' tomorrow for her 3rd time around the sun.

I like them, although the colors are a bit bright. I found some very beautiful ones  hand dyed ones but I just had this dye and decided to use it. The next ones I make will be dyed only from plants. 

One for the sun and one for the moon.

Birthday crown in progress...

I am going to knit a band for the back so that it can be worn. I had better stop blogging and get to work! 


  1. That is an absolutely adorable birthday crown! Love the flowers and colors.

  2. Those silks are beautiful. I love the bright colors. The crowns are adorable.

  3. those play silks are beautiful. what a wonderful birthday your little one is going to have. :)