Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Long Time Gone!

I have been so busy. Our internet wasn't working at all so I couldn't blog but I am so glad I had 2 full weeks away from my computer! Tory turned 9 and my nephew was born on Saturday! I got to watch him being born. He was so big, he managed to break my sister's tail bone. She is amazing! 

Our "Phoebe's Birthday" inspired birthday cake. 

The beginning of advent.

Blackberry smoothies!

Gnome clothes. 

I hope my nieces like him! I'm making them a pair for Christmas.

Horrible pictures yes! But the paper turned out beautiful! I wrapped  the soap I made in it for gifts this year as well. I made grapefruit/bergamot soap and lavender/mint soap. Smells very nice according to my guinea pigs ( my family:)

I knitted a Phoebe Dress for Lily's doll.

St. Nick brought this cute little puzzle! As well as beeswax candle sheets! 

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  1. who is this phoebe character? love the cake. and oh my goodness wow! about your sister. ouch.
    glad you are back, you were so busy.