Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our Christmas Week...

We made magic gingerbread cookies!

We used berry juice from blackberries and cranberries to color the icing.

The batter looks rather odd here. You have to slowly add the butter bit by bit until it melts. The fun part was adding the baking soda! It fluffed up and doubled in size. That is what made them magical :)

Yes, I know! My photos are terrible but this was at night. Wassil is something we always have at Christmas.

Some of our favorite gifts. This beautiful puzzle is from Community Homestead. It was made by  some very very talented people. You should definitely check out their link! 

This is a fantastic game! We've played a few times since Christmas.

I made 2 mermice! In case your wondering who this cute little mouse comes from. The author/illustrator husband and wife duo live in our town! Their books are beautifully illustrated and in the back are many sewing and knitting projects from the story. They make fantastic gifts!

Lil' was so excited to get these beautiful handcrafted animals from Wild Apples. This artist is truly talented. They were made in the U.S.A and they were much more affordable than Ostheimer. Although they are very beautiful too.

I made some "fairy lights" from egg cartons to brighten up the dark nights. The pictures really don't show how beautiful they are.

Out eldest received a candle kit for Solstice and made candles for Christmas night!  I  am in need of some advice from fellow "naturalist" parents. Although we requested that no one buy our children gifts, we still received many plastic toys. I didn't want to be rude and kindly accepted them. Now, we are stuck with them. What have you done in the past to avoid this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  1. that puzzle is amazing. we have a few puzzles like that, but i can't remember where we got them... maybe it was from them. lol
    as for the toys... that is a tough one. we usually take them and then after a bit donate them to goodwill or some such place. we have family that will ask what the kids would like and so i usually try and send them to places that we would like toys from, BUT that are not super pricey. because that seems to be a sticking point, lots of plastic toys are fairly inexpensive, and the super nice wooden ones can bust the bank.

  2. You are right! They can be expensive! That is a good idea. We can always donate them after a while! Thank you.