Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our Natural Cough Remedy Recipe....

 This morning Lily woke up with a  bad cough. So off we went to our local health food store to pick up a few things to make cough medicine and to stock up for what sounds like may be a rough cold season. We have been making this cough remedy for years and I think it works great! It works far better than anything else I've tried so far. We also use Elderberry Extract with this remedy.
For our Honey-Thyme cough syrup you will need the following:
About 3 tbsp of dried thyme,
Fresh Thyme if you have any on hand (1 tbsp or so will do)
1 cup of honey (I use raw honey for this but I don't ever use our high quality honey)
A sterile canning jar and lid ( maybe 2 depending on the size of the jar)
A mortar and pestle (or use your fingers if you don't have one)
A small pot with a lid,
A wire strainer,
Your favorite mixing spoon of course!
2 cups of purified water ( try not to use tap water as it will spoil more rapidly) 

Begin by bringing your water to a boil. As you are waiting, gather your fresh thyme and your dried thyme. You  may want to get the leaves off the stocks of thyme but I never do because it's all going into the pot anyway.

Gently smash them with your mortar and pestle just until you can start to smell the thyme. (My favorite part)

As soon as the water is boiling you can ass your thyme. Then remove the pot from heat and put a lid on it until its cool. This will take a half hour or so.You can add your honey here if you want or wait until after the next step.

Strain out the mixture through a wire strainer and add your honey if you haven't already added it in.
Take a few tbsp. every hour. I promise you, you will notice a huge difference in your cough. ( If you even have one after that!) You can store it in the refrigerator and it will keep for months! 

Drink it down. Don't worry it isn't that bad. See! We even have Lil's approval!

Now I'm off to care for my sweet little Lily. Tell me  what you think of this recipe. 


  1. is it dried thyme AND fresh thyme in the recipe?

  2. I like to add both but you only need dried.

  3. This is so lovely to know about! Thank you for sharing - so much nicer than filling an already sick body with extra sugar and chemicals. It sounds quite delicious actually... :)