Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yarn Along...Knittin' Mittens

Today I'm joining Ginny at Small Things for a yarn along. I'm reading an inspiring book called
Buddha Mom. It's about an expecting mama and her journey through childbirth. I cast on a simple k2p2 ribbing and I'm going to be knitting myself a pair of mittens. The yarn is so fun and bright. (Just the way I like it) its Malabrigo merino-worsted in Plena ( I think anyway.)( It seems a little fairy got into my yarn stash and seems to have ripped off all the tags!)


  1. i think i have those same fairies at my house. LOL that colorway is great, wonderful for a nice pair of mittens. :)

  2. oops, tee hee, i remember when mine used to do that!

  3. Really lovely colorway! No fairies to blame here... I need to improve my skills when it comes to keeping labels and yarn together. :-)