Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hair clip holder: A tutorial

Tools you'll need: Needle felting brush, felting needle, and scissors.
 You will also need sheets of wool felt in your desired colors for the top and bottom of your toadstool, green for some grass and roving in white for spots and colors for a flower or two. You will also use some beads and wool yarn  later on in the tutorial.

 Cut out your mushroom top and bottom.
Felt the top of the mushroom to the bottom. Then wrap a bit of white roving around your finger to get a nice circle for making your spots. 
Then, felt on your spots! 
Cut out some green felt for grass. (you may want to shade the grass with another color or shad of green.)

Felt your grass onto the bottom of your mushroom.

Add a pretty flower .

Get your wool yarn and beads if you want to use them.

Decide how long of a string you'll need to hold all those hair clips. Divide it in half and make a loop for your holder to hang from. (Mine was longer  but as I turned around and refilled my water 2 steps away by the water purifier, Lily snipped my yarn in half!)

Add the beads and a big knot at the end to hold the beads on the string. Felt the yarn to the back of the mushroom.
Recruit a little helper to put the bows on and hang it on the wall! As you can see, the yarn is pretty short!

 My wonderful sister made my girls a fabulous bunch of little hair bows that are well loved for more than just hair but needed a home because I was finding them everywhere! I came up with this as my first tutorial. (Yes I know, my photos are not the best because I use my phone but eventually I'll figure out how to load pictures on here with our camera instead of my phone. Until then please bare with me. And I won't be mad if you laugh. ) Please let me know what you think of my first tutorial. I'd love your input! Thank you and have a fabulous day!

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  1. i LOVE this!! You did a fantastic job! Great tutorial too. :)