Sunday, June 17, 2012

A day for Daddy.....

The geodes turned out very nicely!

And the "wish flag" did too! Daddy loved them both!
The girls made their Daddy some egg geodes and a few "prayer flags" which we're calling "wish flags" because they have wishes written on them. Big sister even made a lovely mandala to add to the gift box we recycled for the geodes! We'll post tomorrow to show how he liked them! What beautiful things did you get for your dad?

To my soulmate, 
Thank you so very for being such a loyal, hardworking, fun and loving father! Thank you for being my best friend, for all the wild flowers you bring me, for the best coffee every morning, helping me through my mother's death this past year, doing the housework when I was too exausted to do it. Thank you for making me laugh, teaching me how to use power tools, how to change the oil in my Volvo, and giving it a wash almost weekly, for the warm snuggles and the soups, the best hamburgers on earth, and for loving me back. Thank you for putting up with me when I may not be the most pleasant person to be around (which is a rarity:) and, most of all, thank you for making my dreams of being a mama come true and giving me the 2 most beautiful girls!!! I love you and I hope I don't mess up your steak tonight.
                                      With all my love

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