Friday, June 29, 2012

Hanging Fairy Flower Pod Cradles....

Shhhh. The babies are sleeping.
Today we got an awesome idea to use the felted Easter eggs that did not turn out the way we anticipated them to. We made some very easy and VERY cute Hanging Fairy Flower Pod Cradles! At I don't know if this was our idea originally but I have never seen them anywhere else. They turned out so beautifully and we're very happy to show them to you. Sometime this weekend, I'll do a tutorial on how to make them. Let me know what you think. And have a fantastic Friday!

I think they may be in love with these!

Rock a-bye Fairies,

in the tree top,

When the wind blows,

The cradles will rock,

Sleep little fairies,

Sleep sound and well, when the mama fairies cast a sleeping spell.


  1. Such cuteness.
    Did you by any chance overhear that sleeping spell?

  2. I didn't. I just made it up. At least I think I did? Did you make it up too?

  3. I love this! So adorable and enchanting :)

  4. ooooh, I love these!
    They weren't meant to be fairy pods and not eggs. I love the photos you took of them too. I just bet fairies visited them in the early morning light.

  5. First, thanks for stopping by and linking up with me on Sharing Saturday and Sunday at my blog The Handmade Homemaker. I know that my readers will just adore these.
    Second, they were so enchanting I had to +1 you...what a way to re-make something. These would be neat hanging from my tree branch in the school room.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

  6. Very cute, and so great to reuse a project that did not meet your original expectations!

  7. Beautiful, I would love a tutorial on making these. Thank you.