Sunday, February 24, 2013

King Winter's At It Again!

 Oh, Where Do You Come From, you little flakes of snow?
Falling, falling, softly falling on the earth below.
On the trees and on the bushes, on the mountains afar,
Tell me snowflakes do you come from where the angels are?

Oh, I pray she learns that it's far better to keep your hat on out in this weather!

She certainly doesn't seem cold. Poor Lil' was getting chilly so now were inside warming up. I didn't dare bring my camera out for fear that if I dropped it, I'd never find it! Can you believe she asked to shovel? I of course couldn't say no!

This is just how I feel today!
As I'm typing this I can hear Lily singing the mitten song in her room. 

I love these days. Plenty of reading, knitting, tea and of course snuggles! 

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