Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yarn Along and W.I.P

I finished my mittens. It's funny how the smallest projects always take me the longest.  I'm currently reading this Lifeways Packet. I'm hoping to attend classes starting  in May. I've always wanted to teach and I now want to teach in the Steiner "style". I've given a lot of thought to it. Although it will require some schooling (which means I'll have to wait on more babies) but, I really want to do it!

I forgot to take pictures of our watercolor St. Valentine's Day  cards but I did manage to take one before I got distracted :) I stitched them all on my sewing machine. They came out  quite nice. My Oma really liked hers.


  1. your mittens turned out great! and i love the valentine. <3
    so what is this lifeways thing? would love to hear more.

  2. Oh I love your sewn valentine. so clever!

  3. Love the mittens!

    Continuing education-v-family is a struggle.
    My kids are getting old enough now that I'm going back to school. It's a hard balance. Good luck to you.