Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Red And Blue Have A Tea Party....

Lily loves to paint with watercolor. She had been asking me all morning if she could paint. I wanted to work on a few things so I gave her a bit of red first.

Red wanted to be alone for a while. She wanted to "play by herself" is what Lily said. Pretty soon though, Red was a bit bored and wanted someone to play with. I asked her if Red wanted to play with Blue or Yellow today. She chose blue. I sat and knitted and listened to her tell me her story. She loves to tell the stories when she paints.

As I watched her she told me a story of how Red and Blue wanted to have a tea party. She's getting a lot better keeping her paint pots clean and wiping her brush on the edge to let the excess run out.

She really enjoys the magic of making another color and I love watching her joy and excitement as this happens.

In this picture she said it was time for Red to go with her Grandmother to the grocery store. I think she painted 5 beautiful paintings. I let them dry and used them for some Valentines. I'll post more about that tomorrow (a late K.C.C.O post) as well as some other things we made. What are you working on?

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