Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Imbolc Celebration

We lit many, many candles for Imbolc/Candlemas this year!  We really wanted to capture the beauty of Fire and Ice so this is what we did......

We had fun putting colored glass stones and dragon tears into a bowl of floating walnut tea lights.

I kept finding fairy wands all over the place. There must be a few around here. 

We made a milk tart to enjoy under the soft glow of all the candles.


We brought our ice lanterns out to the picnic table and enjoyed our milk tart outside.

Yesterday Lily and I gathered some dried flower tops and evergreens for our ice lanterns. I like the way they look captured under the ice. I hope you too had a beautiful Imbolc/Candlemas celebration! Hopefully we get a bit more snow before spring! We haven't had quite enough yet!

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  1. how wonderful! what a great way to spend the day. you must post about the milk tart, i have never heard of such a thing. :)