Saturday, August 4, 2012

Knitting Fever...

Yesterday I took the girls to The Loopy Ewe with me so that i could get some yarn for Lily's Birthday sweater and yarn for a future project. I really shouldn't buy yarn without knowing what I am going to knit first but the colors always draw me in. I bought 2 skeins in Malabrigo (my favorite) worsted in Kaleidos. I have never been able to choose a favorite color. It has always been rainbow. This yarn is a soft wash of gentle color and it is absolutely lovely. I am thinking of making a bag out of it. Any ideas?

I wish I could wrap myself in this yummy color. (I guess I could if I knitted a blanket out of it:) )
This is my sister's new baby. I am in love! He is such a sweet guy. Last Saturday I went to help my sister bake my niece's birthday cake and every time I turned around, another one of the 6 girls was holding this puppy like a baby. At one point I noticed him being rocked in the rocking chair. I am also excited for a nephew to be born just before Christmas! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. This is the first boy to be born between my sister!!! Oh the joy!

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