Monday, August 27, 2012

Little Bicycle...

In case your wondering, those are her slippers.

A girl has to be prepared for bike riding. ( I know slippers aren't the ideal shoes for this but I wasn't going to argue with her.)

I have also been teaching myself a few stitches. Of embroidary that is.

I think they need some hair. 

Maybe a staff or basket?

This is going to become a little hanging cradle. I hope to get all these done by Lil's birthday at the end of next month!
Today we have been enjoying the sunshine and I finally remembered to bring out my camera! Lil has been learning how to ride a push bicycle. She is finally getting her feet off the ground here and there and going over bumps and grass. She seems to be enjoying herself. Dad and I are taking turns watching her so I get a chance to catch up on my knitting and sit back and watch her happily ride by.

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