Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Playing With Dough Is Good For The Soul.

Sometimes it's just fun to make a mess!

Especially when you've been putting off housework all day long! Mound of laundry in the background you say? It'll still be there tomorrow so what's the rush? :) 

My juniper wood spreader made a nice little tool for cutting and squishing. 

I had to make a dragon.

And a dragon egg too of course!

We had a great time! Even if there were toys all over and a mound of laundry the size of  Long's Peak, Sometimes it's just better to play!
Last week we made a ton of play dough! We made it using a recipe for koolaid-scented dough and Lil really liked the way it turned out. I like to watch her roll it out and cut and shape it. It seems to calm her to sink her hands into the cool, squishy, smell-good mush.

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  1. i love kool-aid play dough. i haven't made it in a while. guess what we will be doing this week? lol