Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gone Raw... Watermelon Cooler Recipe.

This is my favorite "un-cook" book! This recipe is modified a bit from this book but certainly not my recipe.

You'll need: 1/2  medium watermelon, 1 lemon, fresh ginger, about 2 cups pure water, unprocessed sea, Celtic or primordial salt, cutting board, knife, blender, pitcher . Optional: soaked dates for added sweetness and a drinking glasses (the glass is optional because you may not get that far! It's THAT good!).
Cut your melon half up into bits small enough for your blender and add them in.

add the juice of a full lemon and a coin of ginger. I used a bit more than an inch. If you are sharing this with kids make sure they like ginger before you add more than a quarter size. You can always add more later. Save the rinds for further in the recipe.

pit your dates after soaking and add them in too.

Pinch of salt.

Clean out the inside of the rinds and carve a tiny bit off of each of the bottoms so they can stand up by their own.

Add your water into the blender and give a good puree. Add more water if you need. You can strain this if ou dont want ginger bits in here but I dont. Then pour the mixture into a pitcher because your going to want to share this with everyone.

For the children as a treat after dinner, fill the rinds with a bit of  the watermelon mixture and freeze!  Pretty scrummy!
Lil' wanted Zoe to be a mermaid like her big sister's doll Coral so I whipped up this costume in about 15 minutes. She  was thrilled! Not too bad I guess for a quick outfit.
My week has been filled with preparation. Preparation for weight loss, detox,and the first anniversary of my mama's death. That is a bit stressful to think about but it's also a relief that some time has passed. I've been in a rut with my diet this past year, eating whatever I want whenever I want. I have been eating to calm my sad feelings but grief gets easier to handle and I'm to the point where I need to get back on the wagon. Sprouted foods and wheat grass, plenty of green juice and veggies herbs and some fruit. I'm going to take it slowly. I have always had more success with a high raw diet than 100% raw and that's fine with me. There is just no comparison to how I feel eating like this every day. What do you eat that makes you feel at your best?

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