Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In The Garden.

Lily shrieked when this beautiful butterfly landed right next to her! Pure Joy!

Lily loves "wady bugs"

She also really REALLY loves "buffer-flys"

She had fun chasing them.

And had fun watching the bees.

My favorite. 

Henley enjoyed watching Lily play from up in the tree.

Yesterday Big Sis was at my sister's house playing with cousins and Lil' Sis stayed with Daddy and I. We had a lovely time tending to the butterfly garden (designed specifically to attract butterflies- and really does!) while Lil' tended to all the insects who live there. I do think she had a glorious time as so did we. We were so delighted to watch her and soak up a bit of sun!


  1. Wow, what a beautiful butterfly!
    I don't think we have those flying around here... never seen one anyway.
    We do have the same kind of lily in our garden though, just put it on my blog yesterday!

  2. I saw that. Although your photos are much nicer than mine!