Tuesday, July 17, 2012


My new rug! Hubby got an amazing deal! It makes the living a little more relaxing and the children are enjoying  too.

Today's project: Mama Pads. Better for the environment, better for my pocket book, and better for my skin. Have you tried cloth? True luxury.  

Just the underside of the pad. They defiantly do their job!  I think I may make these  as Christmas gifts for my friends!
Yesterday, my husband surprised me with a Persian rug! It's genuine and is made of wool. I've always wanted a real rug like this.  I've been working on some new "mama pads" to save money. I purchased some and love them but, 30$ for 3 pads is out of our budget so I'm making them from now on. I really have to recommend cloth mama pads! They are the true way to pamper yourself and if you use cloth on your little ones, why wouldn't you use cloth on yourself? These pads I made today are overnight-postpartum pads and they work quite well! I spent 20$ on one a few months back and used that as my pattern. I'll post a tutorial of these at some point.(Depending on how many requests I get I suppose.) What are you working on today?

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  1. I would love to see a tutorial for cloth pads!
    Yours look wonderful! I love the button fastening.
    We just purchased a real wool rug too :) I makes the living area so cosy doesn't it :)