Friday, July 27, 2012

In The Dog House....

I'm still making a few little things for this gift but I am pretty happy so far.

I thing the heart adds a little charm.

I had to add a hint of putty to some of the seams. We do most of our cutting by hand.

Lily was a bit jealous so I had to do something to keep her happy. We used her dog house and some hedgies. She was happy with that. I had to sit down and play a bit too because it looked fun to me and well, I refuse to grow up in some ways. :)

My mermaid doll. I am okay with her now.

I gave her top some ties in the back which helped me cover up of the parts I wasn't happy with.
I've still got to seal this house with beeswax polish but I am pretty happy with the results. My husband made it and I am doing the rest. He usually can only handle working with me and power tools for so long before he starts to get cranky. :) I also have been working on a small 6in. mermaid doll for my niece but I was hesitating because I just didn't feel like she was coming out the way I had expected. Everyone is telling me she looks "fine" and all I can see are little flaws. I hate to give out gifts that I'm not happy with. Am I the only one who does this? I can't be.


  1. I think your mermaid doll is lovely and I'm sure your niece will love her and not see any flaws, only something gorgeous to play with. I do understand though I am exactly the same! The dog's house is very sweet too.

  2. What beautiful crafting! I love the dog house and hedgies playset, so cute, and your mermaid doll is beautiful!

  3. lovely toys, the dogs are adorable