Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Botany Lesson For Today.

A bean plant. Or a "house for kids".

Lily was able to point out the lavender  to her sister.
"Proud Mama Moment!"

We found a labrinth.

A moment of quiet contemplation.

We found "fairy Fluff"


Always following Big Sis. It is one amazing bond that 2 sisters have isn't it?

We enjoyed some kazoo music by this little mermaid bath.

The Rose Garden.
Lily and Tory were so excited with the tropical plants that Daddy and I almost couldn't keep up!

An enormous Palm. At least to me because I live in Colorado.

The girls were very enamored with the koi fish and the many little ponds and waterfalls. Lily really wanted to swim with those fish.

Maybe a type of bromeliad? Does anyone know?

Daddy loved the cacti. It's amazing to see so many kinds all together.

I loved standing next to this huge rosemary plant. It smelled so nice.

Blood Orange.


And of course my favorite!

Yes. It is coffee!

I think this was called an antler fern. I like it. Have you been enjoying some plant life this week? Tomorrow were going back to look at the children's garden. We are so excited!

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