Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Little Mamas....

  I was reading a post on Bending Birches a few days ago and Rebecca had mentioned noticing her son tucking in his dolls after he wakes up and made me think of how my girls have been doing some similar things with their dolls. Especially Lil'! I notice her rocking and singing to them, carefully tucking them in with kisses and a story and feeding them with a wooden bowl and spoon. Then today I noticed something as she was changing their diapers. (I'm sure Big Sis had something to do with this because she was playing too) The girls had gone to my stash of roving and found some nice bits of color to make diaper changing more interesting. (If they only knew!) I couldn't help but laugh. And I have to share because it's pretty funny!
Look at them taking such good care of Piggy and Henley.

They played all afternoon when we decided to come inside because it has been just too hot.

Do you see the wool roving in the diaper?

Very funny. 

This one is a bit off topic but it was perfect timing. These girls have a way of making me laugh. Oh my heart!
 While we are on the subject, Lil' went all day with underpants and not one accident! I am so excited!


  1. How precious! Congrats on toilet training :) It is lovely when they achieve the first no accident day.

  2. I love the roving poop in the diaper! Too funny!